Thursday, 18 May 2017

I am learning how to write a good story i hope you enjoy it.

                                            GOING TO KERI
In the holidays we went to kerikeri for mama’s and fatty boy’s birthday we went with my cousins and uncle and aunty .we all hopped in the car and van we traveled it took like days for me soon we arrived in kerikeri it took like months we m went to the pizza hut and then to the park we had howie's pizza it was yummy and we had cheese crust it was my favourite pizza on the table.A few minutes later we arrived a kerikeri park we played some basketball at the end of the game the score were 18 to 20 we won it was so amazing a few minutes later we went to the Mcdonalds we had ice cream I seed brain freeze ! ! ! ! ! ! ! it was like my head was about to freeze like ice.After that We when home and had some Cake is was So yummy then we had dinner it was so yummy then we all had a shower  and went to bed my day lions going to sleep I had a great day.


  1. Hi Laviniah,
    I am a year 8 attending at St Pius X Catholic School. I really enjoyed reading you writing, next time you should proof read before you publish it. Keep it up!


  2. Hi Lavinah, I'm a Year 6 At Papakura Central School. That would of been really fun wish that I could be there Too!!!. I like your writing
    keep it Up. But Next time I think you you should proof read it before you publish it.
    By: Isabella