Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I am learning to write long and short sentences that make sense.

I think I was successful because I read over my work carefully and make it better.

I think people should not take all of there rubbish to the dump. Firstly I think you Should reuse all the time.Take your rubbish to the dump or you can bern some stuff at home or you can reuse it to make sand or make tree huts.Do you agree or Disagree I Disagree about sending all of the rubbish to the landfill.Don’t throw your rubbish in the rivers or the creeks because you will poison the eels These are all the things you can’t throw in the rivers or creeks plastic bags, milk carton,tyres,tables,chairs and plastic bottles.Then we will have no food to eat .You can make stuff out of chairs and tables.Don’t throw your rubbish around always go to the damp to recycle sometimes. For summary I think rubbish should be reused sometimes.

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